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In the 1980's, WMMR 93.3 Philadelphia radio had John DeBella and The Morning Zoo. If you are a true fan of Philly radio, then this collection is for you.

This collection has over 50 tracks of the best radio bits of John DeBella, Mark "Mark the Shark" Drucker, Chip Horaneck, Clay "Captain Cranky" Heery and the rest of the Zoo gang. The two LPs were originally released in 1985 and 1986 on Comedy Spotlight Records and Tapes. 

The Cast

  • John DeBella
  • Mark "Mark the Shark" Drucker
  • Chip Horaneck
  • Clay "Captain Cranky" Heery
  • Pierre Robert
  • Grover Silcox
  • Big Daddy Graham
  • Action Jackson Quigley
  • ...the rest of the Zoo gang

Abbey Dirt Road

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The first Morning Zoo album.

Zoo's Next

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The next Morning Zoo album.